Sunday, January 27, 2013

Real Time Control of my Arduino Device through Webpage

I made a website where an anonymous visitor can turn on/off an LED light in my Arduino device on my desk real-time. Live video broadcast shows the LED light for live feedback. Visit
But this is now a downtime.
(What I learned here turned out to be a help for the next project. Nice)

The mechanism is:
1.You click a button.
2.JQuery detects the event and send a HTTP request. (To prevent the page from reloading)
3.The Django mounted on Ubuntu Server (amazon web services micro instance) serves the HTTP request.
4. The Django view writes to a text file saying the button was clicked.
5. And every 1 second the python program in my laptop makes ssh request to read the file to know the state (I know this is really akward)
6. The python program talks to my Arduino to turn on and off via a protyping module
7. The Ustream app on my Android Phone does live broadcasting on the LED.
8. The streaming is shown on the channel embeded to the browser
9. Additionally, I embeded a facebook comment tab.

From this point, many things can be tried to extend this idea. 

Well now is a downtime.

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