Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Python Powered Bible Reading

For Church, it is good for the church members to read the Bible everyday. 

Previously I made a python script to parse and analyze the Bible. So I launched it into a web application serving my church: if you submit your email address, everyday the web app sends HTML email containing daily bible verses.

The website is powered by Django (Python) on Amazon Web Services EC2 micro instance (Free.)  The server contains the Bible in text file so I made a python script to parse and load into Django.  The script has to run permanently so I used 'sudo nohup python &' command found by google search. The beautiful looking front end is not my work. I downloaded the template from this website. The hardest part was parsing and using Korean language within python and html. I did not know I had to declare encoding within html to serve foreign language. Django does not naturally serve media file (The beautiful CSS) so I used an inefficient way recommended here

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