Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook page of a genetics laboratory

Previously I have worked at a Genetics lab in Stanford. I loved my work there sequencing DNAs and analyzing it.
In the mean time, I created a Facebook page for the lab to share the works and happenings in the lab to people.  

 It was a nice experience. I videotaped/audiotaped interviews with the professor, post docs, graduate students, and other lab people about science and posted them. Also, as a lab with more than 70 members there I found many bloggers who love to write about their work. So I found a Facebook app that streams new blog entries to this Facebook page through RSS feed. Photos of lab or department parties were shared as well. Also, I made a Facebook app (an app that does Iframe to embed a chatting box) to host several chatting sessions between the lab members and the Facebook fans. I did everything I felt fun. :)

This photo lists where the Facebook fans come from.. Out of 626 people, only 200 are from the US so we have a very global reach! Well, when I left the lab about six months ago, I gave all the lab people who were also the Facebook fans of the page administrator's privilege(around 30 of them). So, all of them can share contents representing the lab. It is collectively being maintained by them very well so far without my help!

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