Sunday, December 23, 2012

Testing Natural Talent to Decide Career

The Rockport Institute, a famous career consulting firm, provides a $550 service to test the natural talents of the clients. Recommended by Yale U Business School, this tests various talents that will help guide deciding his/her career path. I took the test myself, and wow it was a long test (for me it took four hours). So it tells you

-whether you should be a specialist/generalist.
-how good your 3D thinking is (so that you will work well with spatial imagination needed in engineering/science/designing etc)
-Diagnostic reasoning (making a leap of thought/conclusion/diagnosis out of disparate facts. Good for being a critic/doctor/inventor/consultant)
-Analytical thinking
-Rate of Idea flow. Whether you tend to concentrate on one thing or your mind tend to continually flow from topic to topic. Low score: Focused slow work. ie) Brain Surgeon. High score: fastly moving thoughts. Improv. ie) ER doctor.
-MBTI type indicator to know about your personality trait. (Not talents.) 
-Many others..

So this is the most thorough test of someone's aptitude I know. I got this $550 test as a gift I chose for myself. This is my test result. Client ID says I am 16307th test taker..

This tells me I am a damn good at 3D spatial thinking (99/100), I should be  very specialzed at one thing (95/100), and I need an environment that requires continual flow of thoughts (66/100). Low Diagnostic Reasoning (25/100) means I should be good at creating stuff because middle to high scored Diagnostic Reasoning tend to involve overlly critiqueing self. Also I got ENTP for my MBTI test here.  In this photo, top 9 categories are the most important indicators for deciding a career. To my life experience everything above is completely true.

How do I combine all of these information to make a single decision? Now there is a chart published by the company to indicate a smaller subclass of career that maximally utilize each different combination of above indicators. So, in reference to this publication, my theme based on above indicators is 'Advanced technology development'. My reaction to this is 'I knew it! Awesome!'. So after much thoughts, I decided to join Microbial Engineering career! (Because I love microbes also)

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